Intuitive and Easy to navigate

Optimized Mega Menu

Content delivered fast and easy to navigate

Optimized Mega Menu

When shoppers land on your website you must be able to deliver the content they are looking for easily and fast. Having a properly designed menu system is paramount to keep your hard-earned visitors captivated. Novosteer has designed an optimized Mega Menu for the sole purpose of delivering an easy-to-navigate, intuitive presentation of all your digital store-front has to offer. 

Quality information carefully structured

Quick and easy navigation

A fully customizable Mega Menu optimized for success with exclusive informative inventory representation dynamically updated in real-time will display your vehicles prominently.  

Focusing on what is important, a majority of users come to a website with intent. By delivering easy-to-navigate menus a visitor can make informed decisions without the stress of trying to figure out a website. With a well-organized Mega-Menu, dealership visitors can be presented with a streamlined navigation process that provides quick load times, easy-to-find information, and explicit pages designated to drive action.


Advanced features at a click of a button

Our product inventory system is designed with the precision of an assembly line. Most of the work is automated with the remaining interactions easy and efficient. 

  • New Vehicles
  • Used Vehicles
  • Data Intelligence
  • Vehicle VIN Decoder
  • Live Instant updates
  • Unlimited Syndication
  • Window Sticker
  • Print Vehicle Page

All the tools you need to get in touch and accelerate the purchasing decision of your potential clients. At the end of the day, no matter how many high-end technologies you use, it all comes down to connecting people with people.

  • Live Chat
  • Chat Transcripts notification
  • Chat CRM integration
  • SMS Text Phone Number
  • Call Recording
  • Lead Call Group Distribution
  • Video Chat

We have you covered with search engines and connected with the best data sources so you can make better decisions.  Interactive digital tools push your marketing efforts forward. Top-tier integrations and partnerships with the leaders in automotive technology allow for easy transition with maximum capabilities. Novosteer's all-in-one platforms deliver the best that technology has to offer. 

Our content management system features a Google Data Studio integration and a set of powerful native modules that you can use to manipulate and export captured data in various file formats.

  • Google Data Studio
  • Leads Reports
  • Daily Manager Reporting
  • Dashboard Filters
  • Reports w/ Filters
  • Daily Notifications

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