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Content Management System (CMS) Dashboard

Custom dashboard makes work easier

Powerful Website platform tools

Novosteer's complete all-in-one custom website provides you with content management at your fingertips. With an easy-to-use customizable dashboard, you can make changes to your website fast with no phone calls or emails. We provide a comprehensive cutting-edge digital platform with all the bells and whistles. Custom design goes beyond graphics. This tool allows your team to make unlimited material changes to your digital store-front in real-time. Work smarter not harder while saving time and money.

  • Change pricing across all feeds in real-time
  • Update department specials and sales daily for $0
  • Banners and seasonal specials
  • Add video, images or text easily
  • Inventory wholesale to market in minutes
  • Apply discounts and financing deals right now

This is a proprietary platform 100% all-in-one digital storefront dedicated to the automotive industry. Military-grade security utilizing the fastest state-of-the-art cloud-based architecture that sells more cars.

View, access, change, update and done!

Manage your content Fast and Easy

Manage your content, access your vehicle management system, see your leads, and get real-time data all in one place. Our Content Management System offers multi-levels of access and functionality. Flexible and customizable all-in-one proprietary cloud-based architecture designed for speed and agility will transform the way you do business. Smarter, Faster, and robust, built to save time and money. The future is here with Novosteer CMS.


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