Google and Bing SEO

Quality in Ranking & Content

Driving Organic Traffic

The vast majority of online traffic derives from Search Engines. To increase traffic and conversions organically dealerships must employ an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. To increase the dealership’s website presence in the SERPs, our Certified Google Management Team focuses on understanding your website audience. Focusing on intent and rewarding google AI we optimize your website for relevance on both BING and Google.

The Novosteer Team will drive organic ranking across the SERPs by:

  • standard element metadata indexing
  • purposely tag attributes to describe your content
  • industry-leading load times
  • maintaining white-hat practices
  • goal pages to reward AI
  • increase user-facing and technical aspects for algorithms

Strategize & Implement

A Complete Website Experience

Defining strategy and schedule follow-ups with the Novosteer Team will ensure clarity and prosperity.

The Novosteer Teams Strategists work with the Dealership to establish goals and objectives, ensuring the utmost quality when delivering the organic SEO plan. We actively seek to understand the dealership and their client’s goals, streamlining a complete website experience for every user. 

We convey this strategy to your Bing Places Account Profile to further establish your branding across the web.

Optimize for Relevance

Google My Business

Google My Business is a direct extension of your business, directly impacting your organic search results while also delivering quality content to viewers. Our Team optimizes a dealership by delivering up-to-date information, product overviews, posts, and relevant business photos, which accurately represent your business.

Novosteer ensures the correct Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are in place, driving clicks-to-call, clicks-to-the-website, clicks-for-driving-directions. 

Optimize further by linking your Adwords Account to the Google Account to benefit from Map Extensions, driving even more relevant traffic to the dealership website. 

We convey this strategy to the companies Bing Places Account Profile to further establish its branding across the web.

Google My Business


Strong Branding

It is a representation of the brand highlighting hours, contact information, and location. By utilizing Google posts, a brand can post updates emphasizing key news about the business. This drives engagement and SEO ranking. 

Highlights & Features

Feature products and services throughout each department, customizable to your needs through product posts. This delivers information to the potential client right from the Search Engine, encouraging action, simultaneously removing the attention from paid ads and organic competition. 

An Established Presence

Be discoverable by establishing a digital presence. The Google My Business Profile appears not just on-page one, but it also appears in Google Maps. By showing up in the results drives clicks and can reduce ad costs. 

Transparency & Trust

Customer reviews establish credibility, influencing the decision-making purchasing process. This also allows for the business to learn about how their clientele perceives your products and services. 


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