Inventory Management

Get your GAIM on!

Work faster, Work smarter, Save time

An accelerated, modern, and straightforward all-in-one solution for managing inventory.

  • Global Acquisition and Inventory Metrics (GAIM) technology
  • Data Intelligence science for instant pricing and market conditions
  • VIN Decoding and window stickers
  • Digital Retailing integration
  • Custom listing and search fields 
  • Complete CRM and DMS integration
  • Expansive Vehicle Display Pages (VDP) 
  • Intuitive easy-to-use  interface 
  • Accelerated syndication to all channels
  • Instant pricing and material changes
  • Edit and Update in real-time
  • Retail market data from millions of sources 

Novosteer's proprietary Inventory Management solution is built to expedite your stock from Vin to increased profits.... fast.

Flexibility and Control in real-time

Having everything you need to advertise your inventory in one easy-to-use place makes managing your inventory a breeze. If you want to change the pricing of a vehicle on your website, now you can. Right here and Right now! Novosteer web design allows for direct syndication to all marketing feeds every 2 hours. No phone calls, web forms. emails or follow-up required. Click edit on any device, change, and save..Done instantly! Save time, less work, ultimately efficient.


Optimize production with fast find and filter.

Intuitive and customizable fields and search features will help complete work faster. Entrenched market evaluation metrics from Novo DI Data Intelligence will assist your buy and sell positions to produce higher profit in fewer days. Put your inventory at the top of search results pages to drive traffic and sales by bringing the latest technology to bear. 

Vehicle displays that engage and convert to sales

Inspired Impressions

Professional Images

High-resolution 360 images and videos to represent opulence.

Faster to Market

Highest quality stock images and descriptions for incoming units.


Multiple intuitive calls to action.


Insightful search criteria such as shop by payment or by features.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Detailed pricing and credit-based payments using captive and standard rates.

Trade Objection Killer

Real-time full trade evaluation with competitive data. 

The Full Pull

Interactive VDP with phone integration app for pictures and communication on all devices.

Live Assistance

Real-time consumer interaction by text, chat, video, phone, or email 


Technology in unprecedented times.

Embrace the future today. The state-of-the-art that platform delivers inventory management with blistering speed. Technology must-haves that bring your digital showcase to the forefront of consumer demand. Lead the way with Artificial Intelligence, Data Intelligence, and Machine Learning to propel user satisfaction and consumer sentiment. Transform your digital footprint today!


Advanced features at a click of a button

Our product inventory system is designed with the precision of an assembly line. Most of the work is automated with the remaining interactions easy and efficient. 

  • New Vehicles
  • Used Vehicles
  • Data Intelligence
  • Vehicle VIN Decoder
  • Live Instant updates
  • Unlimited Syndication
  • Window Sticker
  • Print Vehicle Page

All the tools you need to get in touch and accelerate the purchasing decision of your potential clients. At the end of the day, no matter how many high-end technologies you use, it all comes down to connecting people with people.

  • Live Chat
  • Chat Transcripts notification
  • Chat CRM integration
  • SMS Text Phone Number
  • Call Recording
  • Lead Call Group Distribution
  • Video Chat

We have you covered with search engines and connected with the best data sources so you can make better decisions.  Interactive digital tools push your marketing efforts forward. Top-tier integrations and partnerships with the leaders in automotive technology allow for easy transition with maximum capabilities. Novosteer's all-in-one platforms deliver the best that technology has to offer. 

Our content management system features a Google Data Studio integration and a set of powerful native modules that you can use to manipulate and export captured data in various file formats.

  • Google Data Studio
  • Leads Reports
  • Daily Manager Reporting
  • Dashboard Filters
  • Reports w/ Filters
  • Daily Notifications

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