Never before attainable for dealership use

Data Intelligence

Investment Value Algorithms

Extract Knowledge and Insights to optimize profitability

Novosteer has designed and built a system to extract actionable insights from hundreds of millions of wholesale and retail data points. We have developed advanced analytic engines to help car dealers take the guesswork out of pricing and merchandising to create a unique investment value innovation that optimizes profitability. Informative high-level decisions can now be done quickly and efficiently. Realize greater profit, lower personnel costs, standardize and scale your efforts, and drive growth with Novo DI data intelligence science. 

Up to now this level of data superiority has only been used by OEM remarketing and large dealer groups. The prohibitive cost has kept these tools out of reach for most. Until now!

Valuable data and the tools to use it

The best of both worlds

Novosteer Technologies' intrinsic properties of machine learning and artificial intelligence are brought to bear to equip your dealership with state-of-the-art, best-of-breed analytic intelligence. Eliminate the guesswork, save time, and transform profit trajectory. With a Novo DI data rooftop in your digital portfolio, you have a 24/7  data-driven decision-maker at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost of a single data license.

Yes, we can provide your dealership with access to the highest level of data and the engine to use it with substantial savings and truly remarkable business gains! Guaranteed.

  • Access hundreds of millions of live Automotive Datapoints 
  • Wholesale and Retail Data
  • National market metrics
  • Effective, Efficient, and Easy to use
  • Customized dashboards and reports
  • Save min. $10k/ month on data charges

The Novosteer proprietary framework delivers high-quality actionable insights to drive growth and profitability.

Authoritative Data

Limited Rooftop Licensing

Transform vehicle acquisition and sales profit trajectory.

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