Build your Name and Brand

Reputation Management

Showcase your Business

Building a Presence

Reviews generate business and profits. By having business reviews your brand shows credibility, develops trust, and influences decision making. The Novosteer Team works with the dealership's CRM and follows up leads with text, chat, email, and retargeting communications, maintaining quality assurance and generating reviews. This strategy solidifies brand recognition, loyalty, and increases ROI at the store.

Stay front and center in your market with a boosted review rating.

Time is of the Essence

Review Responses

It is critical for a business to show transparency and honesty online. Through review responses an online shopper develops trust and loyalty, strengthening the brand. The Novosteer BDC (Business & Development Team) will actively work with the Store department managers to rectify and respond to reviews.

We work with more than Google Reviews. Our team is trained to seek and respond to reviews from any media outlet dealerships are represented on.


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