All the elements to fully create a deal anywhere, anytime

Comprehensive Digital Retailing

Connect and Win

Provide valuable information on shoppers' terms

Give the people what they want and reap the rewards. Provide customers real credit-based payments with actual national and local bank rates, terms, and incentives to earn trust. Combine that with accurate trade appraisals using real relevant market data to back it up and build confidence. Using Chat, email, video, and phone to answer any questions instantly to entice and motivate buyers. Visitors save time by storing multiple deals and offers at any stage. Offer Warranty, Insurance, Protection packages, Gap, and Accessories on their terms for higher profits and customer satisfaction. AI technology continuously retargets those consumers with relevant information to keep them engaged with your dealership.

Novodesk provides the future of auto sales.

Create urgency and overcome cyber objections to deliver more cars today.

Digital Dealer Evolution

Consumer deal desking solution 24/7

Your online showroom with no limitations. The consumer-driven online shopping experience to scale your showroom, sales floor, F&I center, and sales manager functions while your brick and mortar business sleeps. Novodesk is an end-to-end digital retail storefront that empowers your online shoppers to buy now. The full pull all the time. Increase traffic, customers and profits by giving the consumer all the value-add options and important information on their own time.

  • Captive and standard rates and terms by VIN
  • Credit-based payments and terms
  • Robust trade evaluation builds trust
  • Finance, Lease or Cash options
  • Aftermarket Product offers
  • Full Business Office F&I Profit Center
  • Electronic ID verified
  • Multiple calls to action lead generation
  • Full disclosure
  • Deal timer, status report, and much more

Deliver an easy-to-use intuitive and intelligent retail experience. Novodesk converts buyers into sales with higher profits and lowers manpower.

wire frame digital car being served on platter
Novosteer Technologies Digital Retailing
Options and flexibility

Convert shoppers to customers

Online customers shop multiple sites and vehicles. Make their visit to your site count by offering choices to continue where they left off, show vehicles they explored, and present multiple options based on their preferences. This is all possible with our advanced AI technology. At Novosteer we give your valuable online visitors the best information intuitively and accurately. Connect with customers and Win!


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