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Custom-made platform for auto dealerships

Built from the framework up, our platform has a Content Management System at its core with a premium Product Inventory module and a fully-integrated CRM solution, as well as an entire suite of 3rd party APIs.

Its modular architecture allows the deployment of specific features on an as-needed basis, which improves scalability and overall performance.

  • CMS Video Chat Support
  • Permission-Based CMS Access
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Unlimited POP UP Offers with redirect Goal Page
  • Department Branding
  • Grid or Listings View
  • Website Goal Pages
  • find more relevant and important CMS features

This is a proprietary platform 100% dedicated to the automotive industry, not WP or any other open-source software. But the best part of being completely new is that it addresses all the problems of preceding solutions in this niche.


The fastest inventory database design

We know you wouldn't make a potential client wait in the showroom so we guarantee the quickest and most satisfying inquiry experience for your visitors.

  • 1.9 Sec Upload Time
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Showroom Model & Trim Pages
  • Vehicle Compare
  • Custom / Booking Forms
  • Pricing Adjustments & Control (Flexible Formula)

Nowadays, even a few fractions of a second can translate into missing out on valuable leads and revenue. Many claim they are the fastest, we insist on proving it.


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